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Dragan Milivojević Dragan

Born in 1968, married, 8 years old son, 4 years old daughter
Procter&Gamble Sales Director in Serbia and Montenegro
ReckitBenckiser Sales Director/ Country Manager
Interbrew – Sales Director Serbia and Montenegro

Over 15 years of experience in FMCG business:
     º Sales through all channels in the West Balkans
     º Training and development of all employees in the sales
     º Experience in management (sales, trade marketing,
Over 720 conducted interviews, 192 successfull job offers given
67 professional trainings and other events held
78 Sales, Marketing, Company and University persentations held
Standing joke in his family is that he loved to lecutre people even as a child so he decided to make a career out of it
Loves Formula 1 and hopes that, one day, he will own a house in the suburbs and master playing golf
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  Dragan Milivojević


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